Window Frosting – Why it Provides More Advantages than Just Privacy

By | July 8, 2016

Window FrostingWhen you think of having frosted window panes installed or are frosting them with an adhesive film, most of us consider having this done to add a layer of privacy. The frosting effect will allow the sunlight to enter but obscure the view of unwanted snoopers. It is often used on doorways and select windows on the exterior of a property to stop people being able to see inside. It can also allow you to have a large window in a location which would otherwise leave a room feeling open to the outside world or neighbours and therefore make you feel like you are living in a goldfish bowl. Another beneficial use of it is for windows in bathrooms or on glass shower doors to allow you to maintain your dignity but still enjoy the light which the window introduces to the room. However there are more benefits of window frosting that a lot of people fail to realise.

Increased Security

Not only does window frosting provide a deterrent to break-ins as it stops people being able to see into your property, but it also makes the windows themselves stronger. Once a window frosting film is applied to a window pane so it makes it shatterproof. The benefits of this are obvious and so the extra layer of protection such a simple thing grants is clearly very valuable.

Simple Installationonline manual

The application of frosted window film is quite simple to perform yourself. There are many online guides on how to attach it onto any pane of glass and achieve a professional looking finish. With only a few basic tools such as a squeegee, tape measure and Stanley knife most people who enjoy DIY tasks will have no real problems applying it.


Sometimes rooms become renovated and used for different reasons or you simply want to change something in the house, windows included. In these circumstances you might want to take a window which was frosted and have a different effect or just change it back to a regular one. With frosting film it is quite simple to return your window to its previous state rather than having to replace it. This will save you lots of money and allows you to confidently apply it in rooms without the worry that you might not want it long term.

Decorative Effects

Not all window frosting needs to be simply a uniform, opaque layer applied across the glass. You can get lots of different designs and effects which will add a different look and style to any window. This can give you the best of both worlds in that you can have all the previously mentioned benefits associated with window frosting whilst having different styles in different places. Front doors and the surrounding glasswork often make use of this sort of decorative frosting and when done well can create a pleasing aesthetic. Bear in mind that glass frosting does not have to be done by yourself and there are numerous glass tinting companies available who can install it for you if you are wary of doing it yourself.