Who’s afraid of the big bad tree

By | March 31, 2016

Who’s afraid of the big bad tree or: Wish we had The Tree Firm nearby.

Almost everyone who visits our property says the same thing. “You really need to do something about that big tree out the front”. We definitely do need to do “something”. About twenty years ago we were given a little tubestock seedling as a house warming gift. The label said it was a red flowering Eucalyptus which grew to 8 metres and was bird and bee friendly. “That’ll do me” I thought and planted it about ten metres from the front door. I put a guard around it and gave it plenty of water to get it established. The birds and bees love it wBig treehen it is in flower. Me: not so much. It sheds masses of white blossom all over the place. You read right…white, not red flowers. That wasn’t the only thing the label got wrong. The small to moderate tree is now a veritable behemoth that overshadows the whole house and most of the garden. It is at least thirty metres high and still growing. The birds and bees are happy, and possibly a few possums too, but if that thing comes down in the westerly winds we get here our house is going to be matchwood. I don’t like to think what could happen to the occupants at the time.

Yesterday I was on the phone lamenting to my friend Steve that the tree lopper we summoned had taken one look at the massive trunk and lofty branches and muttered something that sounded like “no way” before making a hasty exit. “The Tree Firm” says Steve. “I’d say so at the moment” I reply. “I think the roots go down to bedrock”. There is a silence on the line.

The Tree Firm is the company we used to clean up the garden here” he says in that voice you use for comprehension challenged individuals. “They lopped all the dangerous branches, removed a couple of old diseased trees, mulched them up, ground out the stumps and gave the garden a new lease of life. They even performed tree surgery on some beautiful old figs we thought were past saving”. It’s my turn to be silent. At last I manage to say, “We got another guy in to quote but we were going to have to sell most of our possessions, take on second jobs and live on baked beans and noodles for a year to pay for it”.

“The Tree Firm did a lot of work for a very reasonable price” Steve said, sounding really smug now. “They gave us the most competitive quote, were prompt, courteous and very professional”.

“That’s great Steve” I replied. “But there’s just one thing that makes me hesitate to call them. You moved last year to be closer to your family. We live on the opposite side of the continent to you”.

Does anyone know if The Tree Firm is planning on opening an East Coast branch any time soon? There website is thetreefirm.com.au