How to Safely Maintain Earthmoving Equipment

By | November 18, 2016

Any sort of earthmoving equipment is heavy, expensive and needs to be kept adequately looked after due to the wear and tear it receives combined with the necessity to ensure that it is operating safely. Machinery which is not maintained properly can potentially become fatal to the people using it as well as those working in the surrounding area. So what should you be doing to ensure that any earthmoving equipment is maintained well and is safe to use?


motor oilAs with any type of machinery you need to keep all the necessary joints and moving parts lubricated well. The load bearing work which earthmoving equipment tackles can lead to excessive stress on it and as such the need to lubricate well is even greater. Machinery will quickly fall into a state of disrepair and this will lead to expensive servicing or even replacements. Always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines on what lubrication to use to make sure it is as required and to protect any warranties.

Risk Assessment

You must have somebody qualified in risk assessment present whenever any earthmoving equipment is being used. They will be there to protect both the workers and the equipment and prevent any improper practice. As well as this you need to train all operators how to avoid falls and collisions which will be dependent on the situations in which the equipment is being used e.g. slopes etc.

Regular Cleaning

regular cleaningGiven the nature of the work involved any earthmoving machinery will become very dirty and covered in dirt, mud and the like. Parts can become dislodged, have additional stresses placed upon them and clogged up if you are not regularly cleaning the equipment. Failure to do so is a quick route to accidents and broken equipment. Routine checks need to be performed on any seals and moving parts. If foreign objects get inside then it will become expensive to fix the internal parts which are affected. Storage of your equipment will also aid with the upkeep of it and so you need to supply the necessary facilities to protect it when it is not in use.


You must make sure that anybody who is using any type of earthmoving machinery is properly trained to operate it. You need to review the training of any employees and carry out the necessary refresher training periodically. Alongside this any new employees need to have their training thoroughly checked for legal requirements as well as that it is genuine. Everyone must provide the appropriate paperwork to back up any claims of experience and training. Failure to do this could not only lead to injuries or worse but also extensive damage caused to the equipment, not to mention the potential legal obligations and the associated consequences if they are not adhered to.

Use Machinery Fit for Purpose

At all times you should be using a piece of equipment which is suited to the job at hand. Cutting corners or using the wrong vehicle or tool at the wrong time could lead to disastrous repercussions as well as extensive damage. Not only this but any reputable company, will  have a wide variety of machinery at its disposal to be able to use the correct equipment at any one time.