Repair & Replace Home Windows

By | March 22, 2016

Are your windows showing any signs of being in a bad condition? Do they have rotting wooden frames, broken glass, broken seals, or they can’t be opened properly? These are signs that your windows need replacing. In fact, your windows are calling out to you to repair them!

Windows allow the sunlight to enter your house, which makes your house feel bigger and lighter as well as protecting you from insects and even intruders.

Having insecure or broken windows can be harmful to both you and your house. If they are not treated with due care and attention they could deteriorate further and possibly shatter or someone could easily break in. For your own safety, always check the condition of the windows of your house and make sure that they are safe.


Repair WindowsRotting Wood Frame 

Wooden frames can become rotten over time. The rainy season or humid weather stimulates the wood and makes it start to swell and rot. If you are living along the seaside or in a tropical climate, it may accelerate the process. Using inappropriate painting techniques can also affect the wood.

Rotten wood allows water and air to leak into your house. If the wood is severely damaged, you had better replace the frame. If it is just damaged in a particular area, then you can call a window repair company to fix it for you.


Broken Glass

Your kids throw a ball into the window or a rock is kicked up whilst you are mowing your lawn. However it happens, if your glass window gets broken it needs to be replaced for safety.

Broken glass can be fixed by yourself or by a professional, Priced Right Glass. You must always be extremely cautious if you are working on it yourself and must wear protective gloves, boots and goggles when doing any work with glass.

Before replacing the glass, remove all of broken glass from the window. Apply tape to the surface to prevent the remaining glass falling. Place some cloth below the windowpane to catch the falling glass.

Use a hammer to carefully tap the glass loose. Begin by removing the larger sections before moving on to the smaller pieces. Use a knife to remove any left over pieces. Finish up by fitting the new glass pane into your window frame. You may want to consider changing your glass to double glazed windows in Wellington to add more security to your home windows.


Stuck Windows

Wooden windows can easily become stuck by humidity. If you are faced with frozen windows or they are hard to close, here is what you should do. Rub some candle wax around the edge of your window. If this doesn’t work, try adjusting position.

Determine if your window fits from the outside and if it is centered on the frame or not. Move the hinge channel slightly at the top or bottom of the window where the sash is dragging but do not move both sides.

If this still does not work, you may need to unscrew the channel and fill wood filler into the holes. Or you can call a professional to help you with the process.