Removing Pet Odours From Your Home 

By | October 30, 2018

Most of us love animals, and especially our pets.  We open our homes to them and share all the ups and downs life throws our way and whereas some are admittedly more affectionate than others, it doesn’t change the fact that they are an essential part of our lives that we wouldn’t want to be without.  That being said, they don’t have the same standards of hygiene that (most) humans do and even though many of them have noses that are considerably more powerful than ours are, there are plenty of times when pets do just smell.

pet in house

Persistent odours

Odours are caused by one of many possible chemical compounds that have reacted in such a way as to volatilise, and this enables them to become detectable by the olfactory receptor cells in our noses.  This is perfectly normal, but when it concerns bad odours then the sensation is unpleasant to say the least.  These chemicals can embed themselves in many items around our homes, especially fabrics such as furniture, carpets and curtains as the molecules that emit the odours are usually very small and can easily fit between the weave in such things.  This is why it is so easy to have a couch that smells of wet dog; but you’ll find that sprays only cover it up for a short time as the chemicals in them aren’t as robust or capable of embedding as the bad smell.

Efficient odour removal

As alluded to above, air fresheners and other treatments often seek to overpower the unpleasant odour  rather than tackle its source.  This could be the dirt and residue from a pet, or it could be that bacteria are breeding and releasing the smell as a byproduct.  Either way, covering it up is not the way to go about dealing with things.  There is a relatively new treatment on the market that can be accessed through a professional odour removal company, and that is the use of Ozone.  This treatment removes bad odours by actually removing the chemical source of the odour no matter how deep in fabric it is.

Persistent odours

What is Ozone?

If you are unsure, Ozone is the product of electrifying oxygen molecules.  This causes the bonds between the two oxygen atoms that comprise an oxygen molecule (O2) to break and these two free oxygen atoms want nothing more than to bond with more oxygen atoms.  As such, they tend to end up bonding with an already established pair of oxygen atoms and form Ozone (O3), which is what is used for the cleaning process as it actively breaks apart the bonds of the molecules causing the smell.

Using Ozone to neutralise unpleasant odours is perfectly safe as the treatment returns to being oxygen shortly after use.  The results are spectacular and are more than capable of tackling even the toughest recurring odours, just so long as there is not an underlying cause.  If you haven’t experienced the phenomenon of Ozone cleaning then give it a try, as it is definitely amazing what humble oxygen can do when it needs to.