Pest Control & Prevention Tips  

By | November 8, 2018

What is the best form of pest control? Pest prevention. You won’t have to rely on the professionals to come and rescue you from a home filled with pets if your home never had any in the first place. Which is why we’re going to look at some expert pest control & prevention tips in this post, in order to help you keep your home safe from unwanted invaders so you don’t get the expense of hiring a rodent pest controller.

It’s a horrible thought, having your home invaded by unwanted pests. The mere thought sends shivers down your spine. This is why it is so important to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment. It’s easy to let your property get messy and fall into disrepair but the moment you take your eye off the ball, is when the pests will set up shop and start taking over. 

Pests can bring a number of health issues with them, including disease, skin irritation eye irritation and respiratory problems. Particularly if you have small children living in your home, you should seek professional help immediately. If you don’t want to worry about that then have a read through this list of expert pest control & prevention tips that we have put together for you: 

pest1 – Seal cracks and holes outside your home

Have a walk around the outside of your house and we guarantee that you’ll come across loads of little cracks and holes that could make the perfect entry point into your home. Even if you think it’s too small for rats or cockroaches to enter, they will find a way. 

2 – Trim back branches and shrubbery  

If you have a tree outside whose branches rap against your window in the wind, then it’s likely that pests can make their way into your home very easily if left open. Trim back any branches until they’re at least 4 feet away from your home. This will prevent rats from taking a bold run and jump through your windows! 

3 – Maintain cellar and attic spaces well by keeping them dry and well-ventilated

Pests and rodents love a messy crawl space, so be certain to keep any out of the way areas clean, dry and well-ventilated. It’s not always easy to do, but if you want to prevent infestation then it’s necessary. 

4 – Regularly take out the trash and seal it properly 

Pests are very resourceful and will find a way into your trash unless you store it properly. Our advice would be to always empty your kitchen bins and remove them outside of an evening. You must endeavour to keep your garbage at the end of your driveway, or at least as far away from the property as possible. 

gutter5 – Check out your guttering and facias and repair where necessary

Rodents and pests love a warm and cosy attic to hide away in, so be sure to repair all facias and guttering this year. If left unchecked, you will be leaving your attic exposed to invasion through cracks and holes that will appear over time. 

6 – Regularly replace weather stripping for windows 

When was the last time you replaced the weather stripping around your windows? Don’t forget how small a gap needs to be to start an invasion. Be mindful of anything like this and replace them immediately in order to keep your property as pest-proofed as possible. 

Call for expert pest control if you have any troubles or concerns

If you have any suspicions and you think that your home might be infested with pests, then you must call for the services of an expert pest controller immediately. There’s no good trying any home remedies or wasting your time. Simply get to the root of the problem immediately by hiring a highly-qualified professional to assist you. 

Provided that you follow the steps listed above, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, if a pest wants to make it into your home, then they will do so. That being said; if you keep everything clean and clutter free and do your best to seal off your home, then you will be just fine.