What to look for in your Tax Accountant

By | March 11, 2017

Picking a Tax accountant can feel a bit like fishing – you cast out a line with your company on it as bait, but you can never be quite sure what is going to bite.  Sure, you will have expectations that you’ll catch a nice juicy Sea Bass, but you cannot be certain until after you’ve committed and reeled it in.  However, just like in fishing, there are certain steps and precautions you can take to help ensure that you hook the fish you really want.  Here are a few points for consideration to on how to find a good tax accountant for your business; hook, line and sinker!

accountingDo your research

The world is a strange place where people and things are not always what they appear to be.  This is not to say that everyone is a liar and out to cheat you, but it is definitely worth doing some fact checking and background research on any company or professional you are considering hiring.  Any self-respecting professional, such as a tax accountant, will be expecting their clients to check up on them and will have evidence of their qualifications and history readily available, often promoting their credentials along with the proof as part of their sales pitch.  Use social networks and business contacts to try and gather some unbiased opinions and testimonials as well.  Testimonials published by the subject of the testimonial will most often only be the glowing ones, just scratching beneath the surface can help make sure that these are a fair representation, not an anomaly.

Ensure your needs and their experience align

It’s all very well finding an outstanding tax accountant who comes highly recommended, but make sure you are both on the same page before you are blinkered by their reputation.  If they lack relevant experience in your industry or a specific aspect or service that that you require such as cloud based accounting systems, then it does not matter how amazing they are, they probably aren’t the best fit for your business.  Make sure you have these conversations so that you both understand each other clearly before misconceptions damage both of your businesses.

accountantBigger isn’t always better

Large accounting firms often lack the personal touch that small and medium sized firms can bring to the table.  Firms such as Prime Numbers Accountants can offer a truly personalised service with a dedicated tax accountant for your business so you know who you are dealing with.  There is nothing worse than being bounced around a call centre when you are trying to get hold of your accountant with important or time sensitive information; this is where large companies can let themselves down.  Choose a business that is enthusiastic and treat you as an individual and hopefully you can develop a strong working relationship that can help your business flourish.