How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

By | July 4, 2016

Real estate agents are specialists who you can trust to ‘work with you’ to accomplish the selling of your property. Here are some recommendations of what you should do before making a decision on a real estate agent.


1. Choose Traditional or Online

The first thing to make a decision about is what type of agent you are going to use; a traditional agency or an online agency. A traditional real estate agency is an agency that has an office that you can walk into and visit them. They normally take care of all the selling-buying processes and charge a fee when a transaction is completed. If a property still cannot be sold, you will not have to pay yet. Most people choose a traditional agency as it is more convenient and there are specialists to give advice.

Online estate agency is different. Instead of having an office, the agency has a website where you can put your property on the market. You will be charged an ‘up-front fee’ to have your property on their website and further charges will be collected when a sale takes place. With an online agency, you have to deal with all your procedures directly with your clients.


2. Create an Agents List

This process requires a lot of research. You have to find about 5-6 buyers agents. Choose agencies in your neighbourhood as they are specialists in the area. Ask from your neighbour, friends or relatives if they can recommend a good one. Go out downtown to look for the one that appeals you most. Choose an agency who is guaranteed with related organizations such as Your Property Hound, which is more professional and can be trusted.Real Estate Agent

After you have a list of agents, look at them closer. Look on their websites for useful information. Read their company description, services, properties they sell, and customers’ reviews. The properties that they are selling is important. You can see whether it is similar or different to yours. Check how they advertise the properties and if there are good pictures of properties and clear descriptions. After doing this process, you will be able to narrow down the agents that probably look good to you.


3. Meet Them

You might have about 2-3 agencies on your list now. Call or email them to make an appointment to visit. After you have called, you will sense which one is more welcoming to work with you. When you walk in, observe them, how do they respond to you? Do you feel comfortable to deal with them? Do they welcome you? Are they helpful? Are they friendly? Pay attention to the way they talk. Politeness, professionalism and knowledge are 3 things that you should be looking for.

Remember that you have to work with them for a while, so choose one that you can trust and are comfortable to deal with. When you go to different agencies, they will tell you a rough price of the property. They may give you a price within the same range or maybe find one at a very different price. Do not immediately cut them from the list! Ask them why because they may know some information that others do not.


4. What To Expect

Tell them honestly your circumstances. Good agents have to understand your needs and be ready to help you. If you have any questions, ask them. It is better to ask more questions about what their plans are for your property. Ask them about how to keep in touch and how they are going to update sale progression to you.

Agents usually charge a fee as a percentage of the selling price. But there may be additional prices you have to consider i.e. advertising costs or photography costs. Good agencies should explain to you about all the costs and services.


5. Make a Decision

After many conversations with agencies, you will come to the time of making a decision from what you have encountered. Call the property buyers agent of choice to confirm and they will start the process. Think that you and your agent are on the same team to find a buyer, so you have to work as partners and help each other until the transaction is completed.