Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture Hire In Perth

By | February 2, 2016

What do you do when you’re asked to help organise a surprise Birthday party for someone very particular? She who cannot be named (because this party has to be a surprise) is right into recycling, natural materials, organic vegetarian food and rustic ambiance. This means I have had to do a pretty thorough investigation of what kinds of outdoor furniture hire Perth has to offer. It’s going to be a big event held at the party girl’s home in a partially undercover area that opens onto a deck. There is a huge and very old rambling garden which looks like it may soon become a jungle. Her husband is luring her away for the day to some folk music festival deep in the countryside to give us a chance to set the whole thing up. I think he has reserved the easy job for himself.


The cutlery has all been bought from a local garage sale. This will please the party girl very much as we can resell it after the event or donate the lot to local charities. She may even want to keep some of it. Nobody likes washing up a hundred china plates and wasting water would annoy party girl very much. We found a brand of paper plates that are guaranteed to be fully compostable and recyclable. I’m not sure if they’ll stand up to the rigours of soggy salads, vegan cheese and wild mushroom risotto but time will tell that story. Balloons will not be welcome for obvious reasons but we have managed to make some really nice banners and decorations from rolls of brown paper, fabric off cuts and woven sea grass. Party girl’s other half has organised the catering through a company that specialises in macrobiotic whole foods, vegan delights which are meant to mimic meat (dedicated carnivores will suffer along but not be fooled) and non-dairy desserts and cakes. No eggs will be sacrificed in the making of the birthday cake either. I can hardly wait to sample that.


So all that remains is the seating and tables. I’m thinking white plastic chairs and tables aren’t going to be well received by she who loves all things natural.  Metal would also clash with the lush greenery and semi wild rock gardens. After a bit of online research I found the ideal option. There is an established company offering outdoor furniture hire in Perth wide and it’s surrounding areas. Rustic recycled timber benches, tables and seating and blackboards to use for displaying menus. I’m thinking a few blackboards with Birthday messages can replace those silly brown paper banners too. I never really liked them. They also supply lovely old wooden wine barrels to hold the bottled drinks on ice. I’ve always loved wine barrels. They add such a bacchanalian ambiance to a party. The only really disappointing thing is that the wine barrels will only contain fruit punch and non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. By order of the party girl.