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How to Safely Maintain Earthmoving Equipment

Any sort of earthmoving equipment is heavy, expensive and needs to be kept adequately looked after due to the wear and tear it receives combined with the necessity to ensure that it is operating safely. Machinery which is not maintained properly can potentially become fatal to the people using it as well as those working… Read More »

3D Printers in Schools

3D printing has been developing since 1980 and it is gradually becoming more popular in recent years. 3D printers work by scanning model pictures then printing an object layer by layer from 3d filaments. 3D printed objects are used in many industries; medical, aerospace, fashion, prototyping, household and education. It has great benefits.   3D… Read More »

Farm of the Week Announced

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Farm of the Week event! This week’s featured farm is brought to you by farmer DeeProsky! Check out their farm down below and be sure to enter next week’s contest for your chance to win! See all the entries here! Play FarmVille now!

FarmVille March 18th, 2011 Podcast Delayed

To those of you who were expecting a podcast to make an appearance this evening, we have some bad news. The March 18th, 2011 podcast has been delayed until next week. However, the good news is, the podcast will be a special “English Countryside” themed one, giving us tips and tricks on how to get accustomed… Read More »

FarmVille English Countryside Premiering Next Week!

After much talk and discussion of the FarmVille English Countryside, we think it is safe to say that we finally know when it will be making its appearance! Earlier this afternoon, the FarmVille English Countryside Facebook page made an announcement: FarmVille English Countryside will be launching NEXT WEEK, so make sure you’re ready for travel!… Read More »

Double Mastery Weekend!

It’s Double Mastery in FarmVille! Until March 20th at 9:00 PM PDT, all FarmVille players will receive double mastery experience for all crops and trees they harvest! Play FarmVille now!

FarmVille English Countryside Broken Combine Locked in iPhone/iPad

With all the animals, crops and buildings, there are bound to be some vehicles to be spotted! Farming will always have to be made simple with our favorite vehicle – The Combine! A Broken Combine has now been spotted in the FarmVille iPhone/iPad Market and is locked to the English Countryside only. FarmVille English Countryside… Read More »