Building Maintenance

By | March 18, 2016

Last week I visited Brisbane for a few days. I had the pleasure of staying in a very nice apartment hotel right near the CBD and had spectacular views of the high rise city scape alongside the river. All that shining glass and metal seemed like fingers pointing at the blue sky. The buildings all looked so pristine. Then I got to thinking. How do they keep sky scrapers looking so clean and new? Are they washed by the rain? What happens when something needs repairing? It can’t be that sky scrapers are erected and then never need looking after. So who is responsible for commercial building maintenance Brisbane style? Who do companies turn to for repairs and maintenance and how do workers service the exterior of multi-story buildings? Building Maintenance

That night I ordered room service and settled down for a quiet night but there was nothing much to watch on the limited television stations available. (An almost universal failing of hotels everywhere I may say). I took out the trusty lap top and enlisted the aid of Google to find out just how commercial building maintenance Brisbane occurs.

It turns out there are companies dedicated to the installation and maintenance of the equipment needed to maintain high rise buildings and keep the public safe. I don’t think I’d like to be walking along and have a loose bolt or a piece of construction material come plunging down on my head. Even worse if a whole pane of glass came free of its frame and fell to earth. You need to maintain the buildings themselves but it seems that the apparatus needed to carry out the task also needs regular attention. So you see where I’m heading with this; a lot of thought, planning and hard work goes into keeping a city sky line at its gleaming best and safest.

How do they inspect the exterior of a building that is forty or fifty stories high? It seems that there are daredevils employed to actually abseil across and down the face of a building while conducting inspections of the structural integrity. That requires the installation and maintenance of a system of very sturdy anchor points and safety equipment. I imagine you’d need to be able to trust the manufacturer and the supplier of the ropes, cables and harnesses on which your life depends if you’re a high rise building maintenance worker. And what faults are they looking for? Windows are a major feature of modern skyscrapers and where there are windows there needs to be waterproof membranes, seals and sealants. These are all construction materials which are subject to wear and tear. High winds can get fierce enough to make a building sway I’ve been told. Something I try not to think about too much when staying on level forty one.

I learned something new on this trip. I learned that PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Something the good people who perform commercial building maintenance Brisbane depend upon every working day.