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Kids Dance Classes

There are a whole host of things which we have to concern ourselves with as parents. Keeping on top of finances, health care, clothes, education and the seemingly never ending list of other things which crop up makes it a full time job. Many of us are busy doing the house work whilst we have… Read More »

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are specialists who you can trust to ‘work with you’ to accomplish the selling of your property. Here are some recommendations of what you should do before making a decision on a real estate agent.   1. Choose Traditional or Online The first thing to make a decision about is what type… Read More »

3D Printers in Schools

3D printing has been developing since 1980 and it is gradually becoming more popular in recent years. 3D printers work by scanning model pictures then printing an object layer by layer from 3d filaments. 3D printed objects are used in many industries; medical, aerospace, fashion, prototyping, household and education. It has great benefits.   3D… Read More »

I want to go to the bathroom

I have a very dear friend who lives in one of the quaintest and most lovingly restored Federation homes you could imagine. It is a tiny inner city semidetached cottage with a lovely tessellated tile pathway and front porch. A few terracotta tubs with topiary trees completes the welcoming entrance and the rest of the… Read More »

Repair & Replace Home Windows

Are your windows showing any signs of being in a bad condition? Do they have rotting wooden frames, broken glass, broken seals, or they can’t be opened properly? These are signs that your windows need replacing. In fact, your windows are calling out to you to repair them! Windows allow the sunlight to enter your house, which makes… Read More »

Building Maintenance

Last week I visited Brisbane for a few days. I had the pleasure of staying in a very nice apartment hotel right near the CBD and had spectacular views of the high rise city scape alongside the river. All that shining glass and metal seemed like fingers pointing at the blue sky. The buildings all… Read More »

Horses, Agricultural Shows and Event Displays

It recently occurred to me that event displays as a form of advertising has become a very successful enterprise. Many companies and small businesses seem to have jumped on the bandwagon as you are seeing more and more of these custom designed banners, marquees and accessories everywhere from the high street to local markets. One… Read More »

Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture Hire In Perth

What do you do when you’re asked to help organise a surprise Birthday party for someone very particular? She who cannot be named (because this party has to be a surprise) is right into recycling, natural materials, organic vegetarian food and rustic ambiance. This means I have had to do a pretty thorough investigation of… Read More »