Advantages of using Natural Turf over Synthetic

By | August 25, 2017

Like many of us, the prospect of “wasting” your valuable free time battling with your garden doesn’t really sound that appealing. We spend so much of our time slaving over our real jobs that going home and starting yet more tiresome work surely can’t be too appealing. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can totally neglect your garden just because you don’t feel like spending time on it, however, there are many different ways of lightening the load and cutting some of the more lengthy tasks down to size, and one of those things is replacing your seeded lawn with turf.

Once you’ve decided that you want to look into getting turf installed in your garden, you will want to explore both synthetic and natural grass options and for this article, we will be examining some of the advantages of using natural turf to revitalize your garden and save time and effort by cutting down not only the amount you need to mow your lawn but also fertilizing it, as described by A View Turf, a supplier of real grass turf. So let’s take a look.

The feel between your toes

Let’s face it, no matter how much the synthetic turf industry pours into making the most lifelike, soft and naturally textured grass, they will never compare let alone beat the feeling of natural grass when you walk across it barefoot. The cooling and refreshing experience as the blades tickles in between your toes and alight memories from your childhood, it’s an experience that is understandably difficult to replicate. We are, by no means, saying that there is anything particularly wrong or bad but if we are being totally honest with ourselves, it’s just not the same is it?

Synthetic grass also has a major drawback when it comes to its feeling on your feet and overall level of comfort and that is it annoying habit of becoming extremely hot when temperatures get high or in direct sunlight as the polymer that it is comprised of traps heat. Unlike natural grass which being an organic entity has to vent the heat into the ground to prevent it from becoming damaged and dried out ensuring that your lawn is always a comfortable temperature to walk on anytime of the year. This makes it clearly the superior choice for outside applications. If you are thinking of growing turf from seed it can can months and months, you can always cheat and contact companies like A View Turf who offer a wide range of turf and also supplies to help you lay beautiful quality turf so your lawn has grass you can feel in between your toes in a matter of no time.

It’s got the looks

A big part of your decision for either of the choices be that synthetic or turf, will most likely be down to a preference in aesthetics. And there are many people out there who prefer the look of synthetic grass with its straight, clean and uniform look and is perfect for a garden with very active and busy kids. However it could potentially be unsuitable for a garden that is looking for an organic and natural grass to offset the other natural elements that comprise their garden, as such, natural grass turf would be more suited to this person’s garden. However as we previously stated, it’s not the same as real grass is it?

To get a natural lawn you have two options, a seeded lawn or natural turf lawn. And obviously the work involved in creating a brand new seeded lawn is astounding also taking into account the need for absolutely perfect weather conditions. Add on top of that factor in the time you will spend mowing, watering and fertilizing the thing. And then look at natural turf, which as well as being a breeze to install and maintain, actually requires far less water to keep it in order and that an massively reduce your utility bills, especially in a climate like Australia. And if you really dread the thought of any watering work then it’s easy to install handy water management systems to completely eliminate this portion of the work.

Breathe deep

It’s also worth mentioning that being organic plants. Real grass also photosynthesizes (coverts sunlight to food) meaning that not only will you find there are reduced levels of Carbon Dioxide as this is what the plant “breathes” but it also “exhales” oxygen, leading to an outdoor space that feels notably fresher and more oxygenated leading to increased levels of relaxation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully you now have a better insight into the benefits of using natural grass lawns over synthetic ones.