Here are 10 4×4 Accessories You Must Get Your Hands on

By | January 7, 2019

For most 4×4 owners, their vehicle is a point of pride. They will go to many lengths to buy the latest and coolest 4×4, but it rarely stops there. Once you have your dream 4×4, you’ll want to go all out and kit it with the coolest gadgets and accessories. In this post we’re going to look at 10 4×4 accessories that you simply must have!

1 – The fridge slide

What better a way of improving your 4×4 than with a fridge slide in the boot? A place to keep your beers and BBQ food when going camping or to the beach! The perfect addition.

2 – A bullbar

A bulbar is arguably one of the coolest 4×4 accessories that you can get. Not only does it add extra protection when off-roading, but it can also be used when winching and towing vehicles etc.

3 – Upgraded tyres

Who wants factory fitted tyres on their 4×4? For an avid off-roader and 4×4 lover, some new and upgraded tyres are always an excellent choice. The bigger the better!

4 – Storage drawers

Another awesome feature are storage drawers. These can be installed in your boot to add extra storage solutions. Whilst technically they do take up more space, they will create more storage for your smaller and more fragile items.

4x4 car5 – A roof rack

The roof rack is every 4×4 lovers dream accessory. This allows you to take surfboards, kayaks and other camping gear on trips with you, without using up all of your boot space. If you like getting outside and exploring the outdoors, this is a must have!

6 – Compressed air machine

When driving around the city your tyre pressure should always be bang on. That said, when doing a little off-roading it’s fun to let some air out to find the optimum pressure for hitting the dirt. With a compressed air machine, you can let them down and pump them back up without any issues. Quick, safe and efficient.

7 – Bright driving lights

Particularly when touring or driving off-road at night, it helps to have some additional lights at the front. Not only will these help you to see clearly at night, but it can help battle fatigue when you’re on those extra long journeys.

8 – Suspension

What better a way of enjoying the off-roading experience than with some improved suspension? If you’re not happy with the factory fitted suspension and want to get more out of your motor, then this is definitely the upgrade for you.

9 – Seat covers

Off-roading, camping and going to the beach is dirty work. So, how do you keep your interior from getting dirty and messed up? Installing canvass seat covers can protect your leather seat from getting filthy and being scratched by sand and dirt.


10 – Always keep a shovel

No, not for burying bodies ya psycho! The shovel is awesome for digging firepits when you’re out camping and ready to cook up some awesome recipes. And especially for a remote toilet spot. You don’t want to leave your waste exposed for other hikers to trample in. The shovel allows you to be respectful and cover your tracks, so to speak.


These are just a handful of the accessories that you can get for your 4×4. There are a wealth or new gadgets which can improve the experience inside your vehicle, such as Bluetooth speakers and subwoofers etc. In any case, if you’re looking for some of the finest accessories on the market, head over to a reputable supplier like MSA 4×4 accessories for more variety.